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Iron Man 3


MY OPINION is that...

It's definatly the movie that got me into Superheroes! I went there with one of my buddies and we got the best seats!! For those of you that haven't seen the movie yet, THERE ARE NO SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW!!!!!

PRO #1 It has a well thought out storyline and its ve'ry complex. CON #1 there are certain parts that can sorta upset big time IM fans... PRO #2 The costumes were incredibly well made. I'm impressed!

CON #2 There aren't very many parts that sorta look "Hero Movie" Enough. It's more Action Movie-ish...

THE HONEST OPINION IS... Iron Man 3 is the possible end to the iron man series but will definatly keep Tony Stark in mind.

Despicable me 2

MINIONS ASSEMBLE!!!!! HAHAHA! Best movie ever!

MY OPINION is that: The movie probably is one of the few movies were the Sequel is better than the original.          PRO #1 It introduces new characters and shows progress in Gru's family of him, Margo, Edith and Agnes.      CON #1 The girls don't have many important parts in the movie.      PRO #2 The creator OBVIOUSLY  gave the fans what they wanted. More minion moments. They are even funnier than before. Especially Kevin.        CON #2 It doesn't show many flashbacks of Gru, and I'm sure I am not the only one that likes them.     PRO #3 The missing link to the family is connected! (If you know what I mean. I don't like to spoil movies.) I seriously suggest this movie.

THE HONEST OPINION is that: The movie is a combination of Comedy, Action and Romance. It's full of fun for the whole family. ENJOY IT!!!!

The Heat


MY OPINION is that...

It's a hilarious movie that I highly suggest for people who love comedy/action movies.

PRO #1 It's full of funny, goofy and out-right ridiculous moments that will make you laugh 'till you cry.

PRO#2 I can't think of Cons.(It's that good!)

Sorry This review is so small. The full version will be on "ALWAYS FIRST" episode 1.

Grown ups 2

It's an okay movie... The original was much better though.

MY OPINION is that... If you were trying to decide between this or another movie, choose the other one. This movie is okay for when there is nothing good in the theater. Not that it's a bad movie, but it just lacks a lot of stuff.

PRO # 1 It's got some really funny moments. Real original like.   CON# 1 It basically seems as if the movie is cut of right through the middle. leaving out so many things.      PRO#2 It follows the same things as the first, sorta, the same characters at least. CON#2 It takes place pretty much in the same location through the whole damn movie, which gets boring after a while.


pretty much it's just the grown ups learning a lesson...I guess...